Passion, Purpose, and Rubbing Onion on Your Ass

  Very few humans come into this world with an unshakable awareness of their purpose for being here. Life’s journey is winding and changing, always evolving for each of us. This is true even when we feel “stuck” or “stagnant”, that is the journey.  For myself, as well as many others the need or desire…Read more »

Navigating the River

In the third grade, I received accolades from teachers and class mates for a drawing of an Easter Bunny. I was so proud, this drawing hung in the hallways of Horace Mann School for that entire school year.  The feeling of accomplishment and pride that I experienced at that time was so uplifting, and looking…Read more »

Is it lunacy?

For centuries, most cultures of the earth have reflected on the full moon as a time when human behaviors and awareness are effected. There is long standing prevalent notion that the energy of the full moon is so powerful that many human beings become mad to varying degrees. From vampires and werewolves, to mania, insomnia,…Read more »

Are you awake?

Most of us go about our lives believing the same thing….you may not agree with that statement, after all we all have different belief systems, religions and identifications or titles. That’s what I am talking about, how each of us place the importance of our purpose on the material objects or ideas outside of ourselves.…Read more »

Thoughts about love and forgiveness…

The painting associated with this blog is of a woman I once knew, it represents the essence of the spirit I remember when I think of her. I remember fondly her playful and impish spirit of her childhood. Her life, her journey, took her to the dark places of human beings. For many of us…Read more »

Changing your perspective…

When we look at the world through only one lens we see only what is defined by our limited view of that one lens. We choose the lens we look through. For dark or for light, for positive or negative, either choice will have significant impact on how we view ourselves and our world.  Every…Read more »