Thought Based Identity or Getting There

All human beings have a story in their mind, a narrative built from their perception of their life experiences. Every one of us lives with varying degrees of mind activity that leads to varying degrees of the unrealized self. For many of us this is acknowledged with the feeling that something is missing, something is…Read more »

Magical Thinking or Positive Thinking (You Decide)

I just read an article, where the author was slamming the somewhat trendy message regarding positive thinking and its ability to change your life or to manifest what you desire. I was struck by the author’s, what I considered, negative interpretation about the power of positive thinking. However, stepping back I realized that this author…Read more »

Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There…

We all know that change is going to happen on our journey. We can say it is inevitable, or unavoidable, natural, or more simply put…life equals change. How we embrace change on our journey is our choice, the good news/bad news of being human. For myself, and I am going to take liberty and say,…Read more »