Brief Biography Related to Spiritual Experience and Growth: I lovingly refer to my upbringing as being raised in a small mental institution. My childhood experiences were filled with crisis, chaos, trauma, and unpredictability. This foundation is my double edge sword. Not surprisingly my adulthood was plagued with multiple re-enactments of my childhood experiences. Today I am grateful for every minute of darkness and despair that I came to know on this path which brought me to a reawakening of my innate light…that resides in each one of us. As I made, and continue to make this shift I can access many gifts that I am being guided to share with anyone who is drawn to them.

What I Offer: My experiences have initiated me into a life of healing, for myself and others. During my years of seeking fulfillment and peace, I attended art school, I received a Baccalaureate in Nursing and an MBA. Nothing is wasted and all my studies have enhanced my gifts. Although I have always been drawn to the arts it is only in the past few years, on my current path of reawakening to light and love, that I have begun painting with the ability to be guided by my inner voice. My gifts are being revealed not only through painting auras, spiritual impressions of people, places and animals,  but also the development of a gift, with validation, to communicate with animals.

 I have attached my self-portrait which visualizes my current animal guides. I have included a sheet of my rates and instructions for all those who are drawn to my gifts. Upon requests I will provide examples of my works as well as testimonials that will validate my communications with animals.

Pet Communications: $125.00 for all pet communications

Method of communication: submit photograph of pet with eye contact, does not need to be direct, there is a 3 – 5 day turn around, results are provided in a written report of the communication which includes a sketch of the pets spirit as experienced by me during our communication.

If I am unable to communicate with your pet or the pet refuses my intrusion there is no charge.  If the communication does happen but does not resonate with the owner/caregiver at the time of report the fee is not refunded. In my experience 80% of the communications are received with validation at the time of the report. On occasion, the validation happens later. For example, a cat that I shared communication with told me of a painful front tooth that could not be validated at the time of the reading.

If you want just the sketch of my impression of your pet’s spirit that I experience when connecting with the photograph there is a fee of $40.

Impressions on Canvas

All artistic impressions are created on canvas with acrylics.

The smallest impression offered for portraits or landscapes is on 11”x 14” canvas and up. Small canvases do not provide enough area for adequate expression.

Fee: $2.50/sq. inch, for example; 11”x14” portrait would be $385.00

3 – 6 weeks will be needed for completion. If the portrait is needed in less time an added charge can be negotiated.

Small Canvas Paintings are offered for momentum’s of any type for the same fee of $2.50/sq. inch. The canvas size under 11”x 14” would be of your choosing. Example, I recently completed, by request a series of impressions of bearded iris flowers of different colors on separate 5.5”x 5.5” canvas. Each canvas was purchased for $76.00 each.