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How to Change Your Behavior and Be Successful in Life Situations

thr grounding tree

The Grounding Tree symbolizes the energy of life and love…

Now that I have your attention, I have a proposition for you…

Within the next few months I will be launching my new business called, “Habits for Your Best Life.”I am a certified Health and Life Coach with 35 plus years’ experience as a Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse. I hold a Masters degree in Health Service Management and have recently become certified as a Nuero- Linguistic Practitioner. I have overcome many obstacles in my life, with much help and guidance from many.  For the sake of brevity here I will not list the enormity of the obstacles or the labels I acquired from these situations. I will however state at this juncture, nothing could change until foremost, I was able to be accountable to and for myself.

A Health and Life Coach is not therapy. Therapy looks at the past. Coaching is focused on the present and the future. As your Coach, I can help guide you to define your dreams and to recognize what is holding you back from being successful. A Health and Life Coach will enable you to move quickly forward with momentum and clarity of your visions. It is all about, where you are now, and where you want to be. This can be applied to any dream, big or small. For example, you struggle with finding the time to do the things you think you should do, like exercise. Or, your confronted with a new health situation that requires lifestyle modifications. Any situation that you are struggling with and you are looking for direction to resolve.

Many among us live our lives guided by our mistaken beliefs of who we are. Past experiences reflect our future expectations. This is analogous to the story of the baby circus elephants. In the past, a circus would purchase baby elephants to train them for entertainment purposes. The training consisted of chaining them to a post for 24 hours a day limiting their movement to a small circle. Throughout their early development, any time they would try and venture out of the limited space they experienced a painful choking sensation. The outcome of this training was that even when the chains were completely removed, the elephant never tried to venture out from their limited space. The elephant was living with the mistaken belief that they could not move, even without the chains.

Now, for that proposition I spoke of at the beginning of this blog…I am offering Eleven Free Sessions, to a limited number of potential clients for the exchange of a testimonial on my soon to be released website of If the Eleven Free Sessions has sparked your interest please go to the contact page and reach out to me through email and I will send you the brief questionnaire. The openings for the free sessions are limited, so please do not be offended if I am unable to choose you for this proposition. The choice will be made on a first come first serve basis. The questions will highlight your position of the following core concepts:

  • Dependency vs Independence
  • Self Evaluation vs Self Criticism
  • Living by Faith vs Living by Fear
  • Governed by Truth vs Governed by Feelings
  • Fulfillment from Giving vs Happiness from Getting
  • Developing Self Awareness vs Emotional Reactiveness

The client’s I am looking for are:

  • Open to receiving and applying
  • Appreciative of the time investment
  • Attentive with the ability to assess

As your Coach, I will not “fix” you, I will guide you in your innate ability to “fix” yourself.

My Core Beliefs

  1. There are no bad intentions
  2. The past does not equal the future
  3. No one is broken
  4. Everything is attainable
  5. Empowerment via responsibility




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