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I Just Have to Say This…


What is the message here? What are we telling our children? That we are powerless over the worst that life offers? Blaming, pointing fingers, refusing to talk about it, everyone defending their own agenda, while senseless violence, hatred, and arrogance pervades. To do nothing makes us all complicit. This is not the time for false pride, greed or sitting back and submitting to powerlessness. We are all responsible for this reality and we can change it. This is not the time to be arguing about what the cause of the problem is…that time has long passed. Arguing about who and what is to blame has changed nothing. This is the time for action, any action that says we are a nation that sees the oneness of all. A nation that can rise above darkness to the light. We need leave no stone unturned. What are we afraid of? Has it come to this, that the fear of impinging on another’s supposed rights is so important that we will gun down anyone, anywhere. Innocent children in classrooms? Just to prove a point?

Borrowing a line from “A New York Minute:”

“We are the collective creator of our own agony. It is time for a re-awakening of consciousness when we recognize the best in ourselves and overcome the worst.”



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  1. Very Well said Kathleen.
    And a beautiful painting of the Peace Symbol.
    I too am very upset about what is happening in our World !
    A couple of suggestions I have, is to set up a Local Police Security Perimeter away from all schools to check
    for weapons, before anyone even gets close to entering the school.
    Vote out any and all politicians who do not want strick and significant across the board, changes to our present day gun laws. And changes to the practice of Gun Lobbyist.
    And last but not least, remove Trump from Office !!


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