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Sharing the journey…


Looking back, looking forward, transmuted to the present…

May 3rd, 2009 love is born, and my re-awakening begins. I was not aware at the time when my granddaughter Shayla was born that this one event would change not only my world, but the world of all those  around me. It was not until almost eight years later the realization that the explosion of energy that day at that moment, would have a ripple effect, that to this day continues to create a shift in all my perceptions.

I refer to this event as the beginning of my re-awakening to myself because perceptions of my life experiences since that time have resulted in a change of focus and intentions for myself as well as others.  A seed of pure love was planted in me that moment that began to light up in me my real purpose for being on the earth. Reawakening because all that I have learned and experienced on this new journey is what I always knew.  Somehow the drama and chaos of my life had dimmed the light so much so I could no longer recognize myself.

This blog is going to be one of my venues for sharing my journey back into the light and love. I know that I am not alone on this journey, and that there are many, many, many who have been called back to the light. Our circumstances and experiences may be different on this earthly plane, but our purpose is one and the same. Every person on earth has the innate capability to change the dark to light. Imagine the impact if we all chose this path lighting up the earth as one…to love for ourselves and one another.

The blog will include the creative impressions that come to me in relation to the experiences I share. I hope you enjoy.

At this point I have no specifics about the frequency and the message of the blog, only the intention…painting and sharing my journey as I become my true self,

Peace and Love,


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