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From Blaming to Serving (Excerpts from Reflections from Freedom Park)


Reflections from Freedom Park Series

Many among us are becoming aware that we exist in a deeply ingrained system of thought that, this person, this relationship, this reality is not meeting our needs. Always blaming and pointing the finger at another’s actions, situation or circumstances that did not meet our expectations. Somehow shifting the responsibility away from ourselves. A perceived notion, validated and supported by society at large that we are all entitled to have all people and situations live up to our ego driven ideology.  A perception so engulfing that it permeates religions, dogmas, and politics creating separation. Creating the illusion that we are all unrelated or separate from each other. What the late Wayne Dyer referred to as Edging God Out.

What the ego sees as separate, the Divine/God/Allah/Higher Self, what ever your belief system, sees as one interconnected with the universe. A universe that provides in many ways for all living people and things regardless of their circumstances. There are many vehicles to truth, but, there is only one truth. That truth being that all of nature is interconnected and that we are all dependent on each other. The evidence to this truth is all around us. Theologian’s, philosophers, and spiritual leaders who speak of this inter connectedness have made this point by comparing the ocean to a drop of water, one does not exist without the other. One is not more important than another, this fact is so beautifully illustrated by the life of bees.  Reading about the life of bees dramatically validates that all of nature is dependent on the purpose of each other. If all bees ceased to exist and nothing filled their purpose, all life would cease to exist shortly there after.

Coming from that logic, the ego driven thought process of, I am what I do or what others think, to the thought process of a divine being of, how can I serve. Moving from entitlement to humility, to looking beyond the mistakes or errors to the love and connection of all. By not making ourselves or others “wrong” when we find ourselves having thoughts or actions that separate us, but to come from a place of love and forgiveness. We all have our lessons to learn in this life, I believe that is why we are here.  There is not one among us who has not made a mistake or two on our journey.  The only thing that humbles the ego more than making a “mistake”, is making the same mistake again…and sometimes, again. The humility of “ how can I be of service”, promotes love, forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves and all others.  The universe is all forgiving and eternally patient and will provide all beings with free will, the oppurtunity again, and again the same situations until we get it “right”.


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