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Giving Up Your Personal History

Reflections From Freedom Park 1

Reflections From Freedom Park 1


We all have a story. Personal stories are about the past. The past is meant to be embraced then tossed. If you let go of your story, your past, you no longer need to live up to it. All illusion is born outside of now…the present moment. I know, lately you hear many speaking of “present moment awareness”. Yada, yada, yada…You might even think to yourself, I know, I know, enough already. Live in the moment, I get it! But, do you? Do you truly live in this moment, right now, yet, define yourself by your past “mistakes”, heartaches, successes, betrayals, unhappy childhoods, abuses, finances, …get the picture? Of course, you do, it is human nature to approach each moment with “your story”.

Think about this for a minute, your personal story sets your personal limitations to how you live and experience your life, thus creating an illusion of lack and deficiency. After all, you arrive at the next moment with all your wounds, your baggage, as they say. In other words, your story. Trust me when I say, illusion is the cause of all suffering in your life. What you focus on is your reality. If your thoughts are mostly about what you do not have, the love, the money, the perfect job, the relationships, the perfect children…or any children, there is a pretty good chance you blame this “lack” or disappointment on something you experienced in your past. The good, the bad and the ugly, most of us just drag it along, moment to moment. Defining each new moment, each experience by our story, our past.  In other words, our limitations.

Think about this moment, right now, with the thought in your conscious mind that anything is possible…anything at all. There are no limits to what your reality can be, there are only limits to your thoughts about your reality. Without the guilt, shame, disappointment or “what ifs” from your past, you are free to be in this moment, now, in reality free of all illusion.

Embracing your story, no matter what your experience has been and merging it into the present moment, will free you of your illusions. Deal in real. Here and now, be who you desire to be…in other words, practice honoring yourself.  Open your mind to the possibility of anything, but attach yourself to nothing…more about that in the next blog about detachment!

This is the first installment of the 2nd series of, Reflections From Freedom Park. The series is inspired by time spent in a nature preserve here in Naples, Florida.





Watch for the launch of my new website, Intuitive Impressions, featuring my art gallery.



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  1. Mindy thoughts creating narrative and bringing suffering. Noticing thoughts as thoughts and letting go of narrative helps us arrive into this moment…and now this one.

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