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Passion, Purpose, and Rubbing Onion on Your Ass

Being open to the flow of changes on the journey is a skill that we all learn, sometimes gracefully…sometimes, not so much.

On The Road The Journey Continues…

Very few humans come into this world with an unshakable awareness of their purpose for being here. Life’s journey is winding and changing, always evolving for each of us. This is true even when we feel “stuck” or “stagnant”, that is the journey.  For myself, as well as many others the need or desire for change frequently comes from some kind of personal pain or discomfort. The pain or discomfort can be unpredictable in its appearance and will arise from any situation, positive or negative, success, failure, new birth, new love, loss, grief and virtually any human condition. This continuous evolution of our journey experience, coupled with our innate free will has the ability to empower us to know and become our unique or “authentic” selves.  Although we do not arrive consciously knowing why we are here, we all can follow our passions, learn, and share our…

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