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Thoughts About Waiting for the Next Moment


Impressions From Utah

Impressions From Utah

When I find the right relationship, a better job, when the people in my life behave the way I think they should, when I live in a better apartment, when I can buy that house, when I lose ten pounds, when I retire, when I become enlightened…the list goes on and on. Then and only then will I be happy, then I will know peace. Do you catch my drift? It is such a human instinct to be in pursuit, to seek, to hold out for another time and place where my real life will begin. To be eternally waiting for the next moment. This is how I have lived my life, steadfast in the illusion that all will be well in another time and place. Yet, what I have learned, and truly experienced, and come to know, is that the next moment is a false belief, an illusion.

Right now, in this moment, try to imagine that everything you need to live on this earth to be full of peace and joy already exists within you. The next moment never really happens, because when the next moment comes, it is this moment. I am not speaking in riddles. Many of us will get that relationship, that job, that house, that retirement, that spiritual growth or path towards enlightenment, only to eventually become disillusioned when we find we are still waiting for the next thing to really be happy or peaceful. Jonesing for the next moment. It is like a drug that we all become addicted to perpetuated by the ego part of our personality. Looking outside of ourselves to become whole. Collectors of people, places and things to complete ourselves. Looking for something more than what the Higher Power, God, or the Divine, what ever your belief…but, some belief system that acknowledges the existence of a power greater than yourself that is pure love. A power that has provided each human with the innate ability to let go of expectations and accept what is, to be fully in this moment.

Many will confuse and twist this notion, saying, I have to make plans. What about my wants and desires? What am I saying? Do I have to let go of my aspirations? What about this great sorrow, this betrayal, this rejection…this pain and hurt I am experiencing? Of course, I am not suggesting that you need to become robotic with no desires and never experience the pain of living here on earth as human beings. The answer is simple, and yet it will escape each of us in times of angst…TRUST. Let go of any expectations, attachments, outcomes to your aspirations for the next moment. TRUST, that whoever your God, everything in this moment is part of a Divine plan working for your highest good. All of those things outside yourself that you long for will never fill the void, at least not with any sustainability. Real peace, real joy, real love comes from within. Although the answer is simple, for most of us, this is not an easy transition to make. It can be especially difficult when this moment holds great sorrow, or what we perceive to be great disappointment. If you are like me, faith must be practiced. Take a moment and think about this. Look at your personal situation, loss or desire and pretend that you believe that you are loved so completely by your God, that whatever you are experiencing in this moment is exactly what it is meant to be. Some of you will be open to this perspective and will begin to experience peace within that comes with TRUST. Some of you will take away from this blog the thought that I simply do not get it, I just do not understand your specific situation. That’s okay, I am not attached to the outcome of this post. I am being guide from within, and if these words resonate with only one person who reads them, so be it. That perhaps is my take away.


Please enjoy this 15 minute guided meditation on acceptance…


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