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Thought Based Identity or Getting There

I am being nudged to repost this blog….

Impression of Iris Iris Impressions…Sold

All human beings have a story in their mind, a narrative built from their perception of their life experiences. Every one of us lives with varying degrees of mind activity that leads to varying degrees of the unrealized self. For many of us this is acknowledged with the feeling that something is missing, something is always missing, a sense of lack or dissatisfaction. The thought that something, somebody or somewhere is not what was expected, leading to the formation of emotions, mostly negative, that we call our life.  Never quite “getting there”, or the thought that we will get there at a future date. Or the thought that we did “get there”, we got that promotion, that relationship or to that location only to become disillusioned and ultimately incorporating this into our life story. Many times, in my own life I experienced these things and incorporated the thought…

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