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Oh…It’s Not in the WAY, It is the WAY


One of my first paintings after 40 year hiatus…

So often in my life when I encountered any obstacle, I would curse, and complain and become sullen, depressed, and sometimes outraged. Why me? Why can’t things just go smoothly? Why did the car break down? Why did that relationship end? Why did that job not work out? Why isn’t that person behaving the way I think they should? Why, why, why…resist, resist, resist. Always going against what is. A very painful, confusing, and unconscious way to live.  Yet, I am not alone on this hamster wheel. Have you ever asked yourself why? Why do I behave this way? Why do I persist on defining life on my terms, putting limitations and seeing deficiency all around myself and others? Every human reading these words, will answer these questions from their own level of awareness. That’s not a judgement, it is the WAY it is meant to be…

I once had a friend who would curse God when things did not go her WAY. Think about that for a moment. That is like saying to God, or whomever you decide to blame, let’s make a deal, if I do all the “right things”, nothing bad will ever happen to me, and everything will always go the WAY I think it should.  If any of this line of reasoning is familiar to you, congratulations, your human.

I have discovered that there is a universal theme to all of humanity…and I have the scars to prove it. All humans travel their own individual path, at their own pace to awareness of themselves. Ultimately this individual path will lead to the knowledge and acceptance that we are all one. In the big picture, we are all students and teachers. Every obstacle is an opportunity…I know you have heard this before, and some of you are right now thinking…yah, right. Just take a moment and think about this. The possibility that, every problem, every obstacle, every disappointment, every rejection, every illness, every death of a loved one…you get the picture, is exactly the WAY it is meant to be. A plan of perfection. Most earthly measurements of one’s reality are illusion, really…A thought might have flashed through your head just now saying, but, if only I had that job, that relationship, that pair of shoes…whatever you think defines your greatness in the moment, you would feel so much better. Illusion has the capability of making us feel better, for a moment. A moment being described as minutes, days, weeks, months, years or lifetimes, we each decide where to draw the line. However, all illusion leads to disillusion. Welcome your disillusion with open arms, because when illusion falls away there is pain in the soul. The level of pain you choose is up to you. The opposite of pain is joy, real, unshakable joy. Once you become aware, let go of an illusion, turning back is not an option. Yes, you might choose to return to an illusion, but, the pain and discomfort will be relentless.

Be gentle with yourself and trust that in our separateness we are learning of our oneness.  And remember this as you encounter obstacles throughout your day, it’s not in the WAY, it is the WAY.



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“Meditation is not about accepting the unacceptable. It is about seeing the world with greater clarity so that you can take wiser and more considered action to change those things that need to be changed.”


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