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You Be You and I’ll Be Me

zen garden

Another unfinished painting…the zen garden


“Just be yourself”. How many times have you heard this said? How many times have you sat in quiet and reflected honestly about the meaning of those words? If you are like myself and many others, not often. The busyness of life and the noise of the world with all the pretense of what should or shouldn’t be, leaves most of us in a constant state of illusion. Believing that we are the sum total of all the external forces that surround us. The influences that dictate who and what we aspire to be. For the sake of brevity, I will not list those influences here, I think you understand.

The author, Caroline McHugh, speaks to the subject of being yourself in a very insightful book called; “The Art of Being Yourself’. At the end of this blog, I have attached a link to a TED Talk, in which the author speaks about her perceptions regarding being yourself. In the book she speaks about her experiences as a Life Coach, and the people she has come to know over the years.  Caroline talks about what she has learned about successful, happy people in her work. She clarifies that she is not speaking about wealthy people, but, everyday people who succeed at whatever they do. She has learned that the one thing all these people have in common is…nothing. Every one of them is unique. Every one of them has figured out their unique gift, their purpose for being here on this earth, and they use it for their highest good.

About now, you are probably thinking, “easy for her to say”.  How am I supposed to do that? Some people just naturally tune in to that inner voice that guides each of us, although most of us are too busy, or unconscious to hear it. But, think of this, how many times you have had a nagging thought in your head and just ignored it? Only to find later that you should have paid attention. For example, how many of us will get a simple thought regarding maybe our car, or some other thing in our life that our thoughts are saying need our attention, and we just ignore the thought, only to find out later, if we had paid attention when the thought first came into our head, that a problem might have been avoided.  How often do you rely on your instincts, or intuitions, which many discerning minds contend are direction from spirit guides? Caroline asserts that each of us is born pre-programmed, complete with an expiration date, with a purpose or mission to fulfill here on earth. That each of us has an innate ability, whether we choose to use it or no, to move easily, and gracefully through life. To accept what is, and not try and make something happen, or be different than what we are being guided to be. I hope you will take a minute and listen, she is very thought provoking…enjoy.


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