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SPECIAL EDITION: Let the Whirling Dervishes Whirl…and mind your self care

irma frenetic atomosphere

visualization frenetic energy


A whirling dervish, in this instance is described as a person who resembles a rapid spinning object. These actions are often spastic and fidgeting, with incessant babbling. The actions of the whirling dervish are often irritating and annoying, and exhausting to other people in their immediate area.

The past week has been a frenetic explosion that effected even those who are not sensitive to every change in the energy around them. However, if you are sensitive to all energies and their fluctuations, this past week or so has been a challenge.

It started with the nonstop talk from the whirling dervishes, about the storm that might be coming, then the storm that was coming, one way, then another, 24/7. The energy emanating from so many people at one time had the power to transform even the calmest among us to a whirling dervish. This, coupled with atmospheric energy changes impacted the truly sensitive, myself included, to the feeling of frantic and maniacal.

The storm is now history, the talk continues about devastation and destruction everywhere the storm visited. The projections of recovery are long and difficult to property and homes. Lives were lost. So many lost so much, and some may never be recovered.

The frenetic atmosphere depicted in the sketch is not seen, but felt. I believe it is felt by many more than acknowledge it. It is a time to take special care of ourselves. Reign in that which feels out of control. Be sure to get enough sleep, eat right and above all else, make time to meditate. (not medicate)

I just felt the need to put this out there and validate what many are feeling and no one is speaking of it.






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