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Missing My Moments or Resisting What Is


Bill’s Garden….Sold


Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to stay in the moment? If you are like most, you have not even given “the moment” much thought at all. The unattended mind has no discipline. Most of us travel quickly from here to there and back again in our thought life, without so much as any awareness of the very moment we are in. The only moment that there is, and we miss it. Busy planning, worrying, projecting, analyzing, etc., etc., about the life that could, would, should or did happen. Reacting, striving, pining for some place in the future that will be better, or someplace in the past where we are happier, wealthier, thinner, etc., etc.  As if all that thinking will change what is. I speak for myself, but I know I am not alone in this egocentric illusion that I am in control. I realize that the more I resist this moment, the more I live in my thoughts, the more moments I miss. The more suffering, I experience.

Think about it…if you will. I know you have heard this before, because I have always heard it, the only time we have is the present moment. What exactly does that mean? And, how can we get there? Today when I awoke I decided, after much thought, that I was going to practice being present in my moments. I was determined to make this happen…so not surprisingly, right out the gate I encounter a problem. In my illusion, I planned that I would be ever vigilant of my thoughts and make myself come back to the present moment. Feeling so good, anticipating how enlightened I would become with present moment awareness. Is it any surprise that throughout my day I would find myself deep in conversations, (with myself) that never occurred? A back and forth exchange, I said this, the other person said that, and I replied this and that. This and that to nobody about a made-up situation. Or a real situation that I now have illusions of conversations that might have been.  My thought life consistently involved with how much better or worse I am than another, constantly comparing and proving myself, creating angst about my illusion. All good feelings dissipated.

So, there it is. An awareness that living my life as if every moment was something to endure until the next moment when it will be better. Observing our thought life is the beginning of letting go of our resistance to what is.  Practicing with this awareness can bring such relief from inner struggles. Not resisting this moment, being at ease with what is, the only reality, will release us from the burden of controlling all our future, non-existent moments. We  begin to experience inner peace, trusting that everything in this moment is all that is real.

About now, your thoughts are saying, what if I lose my job and I have no paycheck, no health insurance? What if my boyfriend/girlfriend leaves me, what if I am alone? The worries and concerns go on and on when we resist the reality of the moment. Living in the moment does not mean that you will no longer experience the misfortunes that happen to each of us on this earth. However, your experience of your life situations will be based in reality, not fear.

Observing your thought life is powerful. Living in the moment is all that there is, whether you live there or not. I know that some of you are reading this will identify with the message because you are experiencing this same realization. To others, these words may begin to bring about a change in your consciousness that will lead to present moment awareness. And, of course, still others who totally resist any message about the present moment. If you are still reading this, you are not completely unconscious to the present moment and the energy that inner peace will bring to you and ultimately others. In those moments, however brief for some of us, a light is beginning to shine. A light and understanding that everything is exactly how it is supposed to be, in this moment. There is no need to change it with an illusion, everything in this moment is working for the best and highest interest of all.









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  1. I love this. Truthfully, I sat down to write this response hours ago. Then I received a text and my mind went to wandering… what exactly does that mean? Reflecting on the text I recalled my perception of the last conversation I had with that texter and what was said, what I should have said, what I’m going to say in my next text. But not right away. I’ll make ’em wait… And so it went. Four hours later, I’m back to finish the thought. For this one moment. In this moment. Re-set. Need I say more?


  2. When someone very close to you is diagnosed with cancer or any other illness it becomes so difficult to stay in the moment.You long for months or even years to pass with the “wonderful “dillusion that the future is going to be so much better.But what I did learn was that everyday or every moment has a meaning to ponder.Staying in the present is not always easy but you stated the idea so well.You Nailed It!!


  3. Excellent blog post! It is so true. Our thoughts create our reality.People can get so busy that they don’t take the time to listen to their own inner dialogue. Meditation helped me slow down enough to do that. 👍


  4. An excellent piece. I think self awareness is something that can be improved with continuous practice and leads to increasing opportunities to be in the moment.


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