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How to Edit Your Movie…and Other Alternatives….


sunflower vision

First sketch of sunflower vision

George was a tall, lean, fit man with the aura and presence of a musician. His attire was both casual and professional, he wore a necklace made of silver, turquoise, and leather. His demeanor was relaxed, welcoming and very nonthreatening. I had no idea what to expect at this meeting, but, I felt comfortable right away. There was no pretense, it felt like this could be real…but real what? Kinesiology was a word I had heard before, but, I had no idea what it was. Now here I was seeking out the services of a Kinesiologist at the behest of a Spiritual Counselor…WTF?

Pain is a powerful motivator that can compel the human spirit to look at un-investigated beliefs, to consider the possibility of another way. Another way to see, interpret, engage, to look at your options from a different perspective, to open the mind to ideas that once seemed foreign or unnatural…against the “rules”. Throughout history people have dared to do just this, courageous thinkers who understood that looking through the same lens as everyone else, brought you to the same conclusions. If no one dared to look beyond the edges there would be no technology, cars, medicine, or for that matter, none of the conveniences we take for granted today. I do not pretend to know what Kinesiology is, however, I am going to relay my experience of my session with George. A session, to address long-standing psychic and physical pain that was prone to bouts of crippling exacerbation. A session, that because of years, maybe eternities, of applying all conventional remedies unsuccessfully, that I could be open enough to experience his message and his power. Enough so that I could be guided to connect with my own power. The power that is available to each of us to forgive, to heal and to love.

The concept that all emotions have energy is not difficult to grasp, to make the leap that this energy could make changes on a cellular level of our bodies might not be such a stretch. Pushing the premise that a negative emotion can create physical pain, discomfort or even disease flies in the face of modern medicine. Because my knowledge is limited here, I have oversimplified this phenomenon.

Regardless of my knowledge deficit of the specifics of why this session with George Zymonyi, Kinesiologist Practitioner was so transformative for me, I am going to make a very heartfelt declaration. In one session of a few hours that felt like minutes, I experienced more profound healing psychically as well as physically, than fifty plus years of therapy, psychiatry, or medical treatment combined. I entered this session with chronic shoulder pain that had recently exacerbated, and years of buried emotions of fear, betrayal, hatred and unforgiveness that rendered me constantly battling fatigue and low energy, as well as a multitude of physical ailments.

During the session George assessed my energies and helped me identify these hidden emotions and then he diffused the negative and infused the positive. Sounds simple…huh? During this process, I experienced visions from the dark that moved to the light. These visions contained life altering messages from a divine presence that spoke with detail to my earth life situations, while at the same time conveying basic truths for all human beings. I will spare you the details of this part, it is very personal. After all, every one of us writes the script and produces our own movies. Every one of us the ability to access the power to edit the movie, if we so choose.  Skipping to the outcome of this session; my desire and choice to be healed paved the way for me to accept the unique gifts of George Zymonyi allowing his energy to guide me to embrace my own formidable power. My own power, to forgive, heal and love myself. My own power to let go of all the negative emotions and energies. I left this session with no pain in my shoulder and comfortable in the knowledge that I could not un-see the truth of my power. I could not un-see that I, like all humans held the key that holds healing, forgiveness, and love for all mankind

I share this experience for all those who seek and dare to look over the edge, question your un-investigated beliefs, tap into your own power, and edit your own movie. This is the real purpose of our life here on earth.


Today I leave you with a brief, rather abstract sketch, (soon to be painting) of one of the multitude of visions that came to me during this session with George. It is of sunflowers. Sun flowers always face the sun, symbolic of loyalty and happiness…

George P. Zimonyi is a licensed Kineseology Practitioner, Somatic Release Therapist, Trinity Energy Practitioner and Reiki Master in Naples, Florida






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