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Passion, Purpose, and Rubbing Onion on Your Ass


On The Road

The Journey Continues…

Very few humans come into this world with an unshakable awareness of their purpose for being here. Life’s journey is winding and changing, always evolving for each of us. This is true even when we feel “stuck” or “stagnant”, that is the journey.  For myself, as well as many others the need or desire for change frequently comes from some kind of personal pain or discomfort. The pain or discomfort can be unpredictable in its appearance and will arise from any situation, positive or negative, success, failure, new birth, new love, loss, grief and virtually any human condition. This continuous evolution of our journey experience, coupled with our innate free will has the ability to empower us to know and become our unique or “authentic” selves.  Although we do not arrive consciously knowing why we are here, we all can follow our passions, learn, and share our individual gifts and by doing so our purpose will emerge.

When we focus on our passions we realize our individual gifts. Every human on earth will at one time or another give their focus to passions that do not serve them well. Now, for the sake of this blog I am going to speak to your passions that come from the light only. I will leave obsessions and negative focus to further discussion in my book. Although, they are equally powerful in the evolution of the journey.

Most of us have been there at a job, (although this can apply to a lover, a friend or any situation) we loved at first and as time marched on, weeks, months, years the shine faded, for one reason or another; not challenging enough, no room for growth, difficult politics, toxic co-workers, the list goes on and on. The discomfort within grows leaving us with the feeling that something outside needs to change to be happy. Everyone evolves at their own pace according to their own experience on the journey. Some of us will look for a new job, some will have reasons why they are unable to change jobs; economic, geographic, fear of the unknown or any multitude of self-imposed limitations. I have learned this part over and over on my journey; when there is angst or discomfort from within, I am getting guidance from within to make a change. I see now, after many, what seemed at the time regrettable mistakes, that the change I was being guided to make was my perspective, my attitude about my life (journey). I am somewhat of a slow learner in this respect, on more than one occasion my inability, or refusal, to look within, with compassion and love for myself, would inevitably lead to being ousted from jobs, lovers moving on, friends turning their backs, you get the picture.

The plan is infallible. On this journey, we all come from our individual points of reference that help to shape and guide our experiences. Along the way every human you meet will be a guide or mentor in some capacity to your journey. As you in turn will be to them, for better or worse. As we learn to forgive and love ourselves, love and compassion for others grows. Our purpose becomes self-evident, we become less judgmental, less critical, and so much more accepting of ourselves and others wanting only to encourage and motivate all you meet on the journey

Circling back to the title of this blog, a wise woman, a mentor on my journey once told me that when another person shares with you something they do that they believe is helping them on their journey, and it is not hurting them or another, know that you are not their judge. So, if someone says; “every morning I rub an onion on my ass and it wards off negative thoughts”, your only responsibility…your purpose, is to love, accept, and honor everyone you meet, no matter where they are on their individual journey. The destination is the same for us all, it is the journey that teaches us to love. It all comes back to love…

Peace, Kathleen




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  1. It all comes back to love…..and onions……I LOVE onions. Haha!!! Sorry Kathleen I have to be silly old me. Seriously, I love your blog. I love how you are putting yourself out there and following yout heart and soul. You do have a wonderful creative thought provoking style of writing and painting. I LOVE it all. Thank YOU!!!❤️


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