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Navigating the River

river sketch

sketching the river to paint on canvas

In the third grade, I received accolades from teachers and class mates for a drawing of an Easter Bunny. I was so proud, this drawing hung in the hallways of Horace Mann School for that entire school year.  The feeling of accomplishment and pride that I experienced at that time was so uplifting, and looking back I can see, it gave me purpose for years to come….and go. I wish I could say that sense of purpose sustained me for the rest of my years, but, that was not the case. The river flowed, “always shifting and changing directions”.

The following is a post I copied and pasted from another site, I am unable to locate the name of the author, however, it came from The Shift Network. I have chosen to use their words because the post so beautifully illustrates the path of all human spirits through analogy. My words would pale in comparison….

From the Shift Network…

The river is powerful, yet its flow is always shifting  and  changing direction. Its energy streams out in the boundless pattern of creation, creating fractal after infinite fractal, but always flows back to the same single source. Rising and falling, like a pulse, it never stops flowing.

As we ride the river, it brings us endless  opportunities to  change course, to shift our energetic focus. We come to  crossing after crossing, decision after decision. But the collective current can be overwhelming, so we often plot  the course that others  take, follow  someone else’s map, or sail the route most familiar, forgetting or foregoing the truth that we are all navigators, living only  to experience the limitless river, our own way.

Going with the flow

Despite our diversity, as we grow we are taught  to suspend our individuality, to be “an adult”, to join the uniformed collective and give  up on the unique “silly dreams” of our childhood. We learn  to celebrate those who do and to castigate those who don’t. We learn very early that expressing our deepest drives, and taking  our deepest dives, will differentiate us from the social group  –  the first step towards ostracism, or “not fitting in”.

The way to navigate the river, we’re taught, is to go with the collective flow. Don’t rock the boat. Keep your eyes on  the boat ahead.  Row to the beat of the drum. Some of us feel like  giving  up paddling altogether. As we ride the waves of the planetary shift, it can certainly seem  the easier option.

But, just as the river is undefined until it defines itself,  we are  undefined until we  define ourselves.  Our river is infinite. Our potential is  endless.  Our only limitation is the  idea  of limitation; an idea we  reinforce in each other from  birth.

Thankfully, self-limiting ideas can be deconstructed, when you’re ready to get your feet wet. How? Take a deep breath and grab a paddle!

It’s up to each of us to choose our own  direction, right now, from this point, according to our own inner compass. We’re on the water anyway… Would you rather choose a destination  or just  follow the boat ahead? We may navigate unknown, even uncharted obstacles, but that is an inevitable part of exploring the river.  Sailing  our own spiritual route,  we see  a clearer view of what’s around us. Unobstructed by expectation and limitation, we navigate from our intuition, exploring our own  unique  connection to  the limitless potential  of the current.

That’s when we discover  our own ‘special something’…. and when that happens, anything can manifest. What, is up to you.

Which wolf wins?

One evening an old man told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, ‘My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.’

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: ‘Which wolf wins?’

The old man simply replied, ‘The one you feed’.

Creating the dream

In the reality we see today, we have two clear paths to choose from: to act from  kindness,  embrace diversity, and honor real  knowledge, wisdom and peace… Or to continue giving our energy to a centralized  culture of induced polarity and misinformation, which  breeds  greed, ego and apathy.

So which wolf will you feed?

Many will think this “childish  dream” of creating a truly benevolent commUnity is just that; a dream  –  a fantasy, not a plan, and certainly not a plan already in action. But we challenge them to think about  this  in a different way.

At this point in humanity’s history it seems that there are many who are desperately hanging on to an antiquated social belief system, many aspects of which they  don’t even realize  exist or affect them. Like the river of consciousness, our social  programming goes very, very deep; it is attached to our sense of value and our sense of self. It colors our view of the entire river,  as  it started the day we were born. And despite the efforts of the Powers That Were to perpetuate the ‘norm’, to keep us paddling in circles, those inherited  beliefs have  failed us  both  individually and collectively.

It was inevitable. In the end, all lies break down.

Our society is built on a toxic foundation. Led by deceit, we honor the values of  competition and consumption, separation and (perceived) safety.  When you’re in  it, entranced by it, it can be difficult to see it. But you can feel it. You can’t put your finger on it but something doesn’t feel right. Everyone’s smiling but something’s up. You’re just not sure what. And  anyone who speaks up is treated as a lunatic.

That’s the trap.

As a result, here we are as a society, living out  the true definition of insanity; doing the same things over and over each day, and expecting a different outcome tomorrow. We’re paddling around in circles,  hoping for a better  “reality”, but  ignoring  to the turns  the river is offering.

We  don’t know about you but we  choose a different reality. Today. And it starts with just one new turn.

Our most limiting beliefs and values  were created for us in childhood, and we are comfortable with the patterns of behavior (however negative) that they drive from  deep within us. After all, they are all we know. It is by questioning the beliefs we  were taught by others  (who were also taught by others),  consciously shedding those beliefs that don’t serve us as individuals, and realizing  that we  have choices, that we find the ability to tune into  our  heart –  our relationship with our true self  –  and learn  from within what route is best for us, individually and authentically.

Only then, when we realize our true nature  –  warts, farts and all  –  can we nurture  what is unique about our self,  and ultimately contribute our gift to the betterment of the whole.  Until then, we’re just following the flow of someone else’s current, bobbing  around in the wash.

As we begin to explore a  path that truly resonates for  us, we break down  our own sense of limitation  – that hopeless sense of  failing without ever trying  – and remember that anything we can conceive is possible.  We find  alignment with  our own  unique  vibration, and  finally  stop expecting (and then  accepting) ‘less’ for our self, and for those around us.

“Whether you think you can, or you  think  you can’t –  you’re  right.” ~ Henry Ford

My boat, my reality

If you can’t conceive of what we’re describing, that’s okay. This is my  boat, and this is my reality.  You may prefer  a different  route to travel.  Your boat, your reality. You may also  find yourself lost, and that’s okay too. But please, until you find your inner compass, paddle quietly to the shore and try not to obstruct passing  vessels.

People who say it  can’t be done  should not interrupt  those  who are doing it. ~  George Bernard Shaw

The fact is, people, places, things, and circumstances are only as important as the energy we give them. Even science  is coming to understand that our universe is as responsive to us as we are responsive to it; that DNA can be re-programmed by words and frequencies;  that the world literally changes at a quantum level under the watchful eye consciousness; that we are interdimensional beings with the power of suggestion, intention and belief at our disposal.  So, as science and spirituality collide, understanding that our consciousness helps to  shape the ‘physical’ 3D world around us, the laws of physics and consciousness should be seen as complementary.

So let’s apply this principle. Let’s  toss stones of intention  and love  into the collective waters, and  change the vibration of the whole river.

Of course, in a community of individuals, we each have choices. Though the river is  interconnected, what you do in the comfort of your own boat is up to you. But it is worth remembering, if you keep veering left, you’ll just keep going around in circles.

Are you ready to admit humanity is  lost and try  a new route? To create that “dream” reality?

As rewarding as it is, it takes great courage of the heart to embark deep within oneself. It can be very confronting.  We may feel pain, or  regret, or that we were “wrong” in the  way we once perceived our respective reality. But we must remember that our perspective is never “wrong”. Constantly  altered by  experience, our perspective is a  unique and mutable manifestation  of consciousness itself. It isconsciousness.  Without experience and change,  there would be no challenge, no growth  –  no reality. This  fact of our reality becomes more apparent as we move into  new levels of consciousness, and more comfortable as we learn to separate our Being from our ego.

So, as we go through this self discovery and raise ourselves to a higher vibration, it helps to  remember that we are not who we once were. We are an ever-changing part of something more vast and complex  than we can possibly comprehend. As we delve into the depths of the river, we must show ourselves compassion and release the emotions of those “regrettable”  experiences that brought us here, and release  the frequency of those unresolved feelings from our being.  And we must show others the same compassion, regardless of ‘where’ they are on their journey.  We’re all on this river together.

Honoring life

Let’s honor  those things in others  that  are  common  among us, and  which make us human.

Let’s honor everyone we  meet, and see and hear them with an open heart  and an open mind.

Honor life and love, whether you are saying goodbye or saying hello.  Honor the heart, whether it is lost in sorrow or shining bright.

Honor the elderly, for riding  that river  that brought you here.

Honor your parents and your children, sisters and brothers, partners  and friends, who share  the journey with you.

Honor and celebrate the people who make a real difference, everyday.

Honor the  art of humanity where you see it, whether it is a masterpiece or a hopscotch board  drawn in  chalk.  Honor the music that stirs your soul and makes your body move.  Honor the ideas and ideals that inspire you to act, and the writing that  touches your heart and  makes you smile.

Honor the experiences that knocked you on your ass, and the opportunities  that helped change your life. Honor the uniqueness of your  experience, and of others. And honor the fact that you made it here.

Honor the Earth as the giver of life.  Honor your body as a portal  to this existence.  Honor your sexuality  as a sacred part of your humanity.  Honor your mind, and question everything  you “know”. Honor your intuition  as it lets  you know where to find joy in  your life, and where to find resistance and growth. Honor your weaknesses, as they ultimately become  our assets.

Honor your limitless imagination…  and let’s see what an amazing commUnity  we can create together.

Honor your sacred, unexplainable  self.

Honor life.

In a limitless world, our only limitation is the  idea  of limitation.


Today I leave you with a link to one of my favorite piano compositions by Yiruma. Yiruma is a world renown pianist from Korea. He began playing the piano and composing at the age of 5.

Please take a quiet moment to sit and fully attend to the music, I promise you will not be disappointed.


















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