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Are you awake?

Most of us go about our lives believing the same thing….you may not agree with that statement, after all we all have different belief systems, religions and identifications or titles. That’s what I am talking about, how each of us place the importance of our purpose on the material objects or ideas outside of ourselves. Always striving for perfection in what ever illusion we have deemed reality. Of course that “perfection” is never quite achieved. No matter what our worldly accomplishments, physically, materially, educationally, most of us are able to acknowledge that there remains a restlessness or a dissatisfaction that comes from within.

Are you awake, begs the question of present moment awareness. How often do we deny or look beyond this inner voice to the outside world for answers. Each of us are presented with invitations to present moment awareness throughout our lives. These are the moments of quiet when our inner guides, or spirit can be heard and felt. Acknowledged, or not, it is there, always. The inner voice, or spirit is eternally guiding each of us to our real self. You may think I am speaking cryptically when I say the path to becoming our authentic or real self is different for each of us, but, the same for all of us. The point I am getting to, is that when we sit in quiet and listen, we are guided individually to awaken to our own gifts. These gifts, when accepted and shared bring about our own healing and love for our self, that changes our perspective…changes the lens. This makes way for compassion and love for all living creatures and things, awakening us to our real purpose on earth; forgiveness, healing and love for each other. I have said it before, I’ll say it again, it all comes back to love.



Today’s painting is a self portrait of me with animal guides that I have felt, seen and acknowledged. If this resonates with you, please check out my About page on the menu…

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