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Changing your perspective…

tuscany garden

Changing your perspective….my perspective of the garden one year ago…

When we look at the world through only one lens we see only what is defined by our limited view of that one lens. We choose the lens we look through. For dark or for light, for positive or negative, either choice will have significant impact on how we view ourselves and our world.  Every human being who walks this earth will be presented with opportunity’s to change the lens. Every one of us gets the chance to change our perspective. The circumstances that bring about the willingness to look at ourselves in the light are personal to each of us. The healing begins with the first altered perception, the first glance through a different lens. To look at ourselves with love, even for one moment, can never be unseen completely again. A seed has been planted for a new perspective, the healing and the forgiveness begin to take root.

This change in perspective, to love and forgive ourselves is so very powerful that it will impact all that we see and feel about ourselves and others around us.  As  quoted from Dr. Wayne Dyer, ” when we change the way we see things, the things we see change”. Sometimes this change happens quickly and dramatically, sometimes slowly and painfully, and sometimes not at all. The choice is ours.

I leave you again with a with a link to a meditation about developing compassion, enjoy.













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