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Planting the seed…

Abstract Garden, fabric on canvas

Changing perspective, or, just another way to look at it.

We all know the adage “you reap what you sow”.  Most of us at one time or another have had life experiences that have motivated us to do some self-reflection…that’s a good thing. Self-reflection is a gift that the human spirit is capable of when they choose. Our ability to look at our actions and directly relate those actions to specific consequences is how we grow as human beings. It works both ways, any one of us here on earth can reap what we sow, for good or bad

Imagine a world where all people intentionally planted seeds of kindness and love. If everyone of us made the intention to plant a seed just one time every day…one act of kindness to a stranger or a friend. Take one moment of each day when any one of your fellow man crosses you, annoys you or treats you with aggression, and you think before you act…it might take practice, but look at the situation from the other persons point of view. Maybe you are driving your car and someone cuts you off, startling you and making you angry, take a moment and think before you react. In that split, second you have a choice, would if you simply waved and wished that person well. Is it so important that you be in front of them? Is it worth creating negative thoughts and energy within you that you in turn vibrate out to the world?  This one small act has the potential power to change the earths energy. Planting a seed of kindness toward your fellow man will have an accumulative effect. This deliberate action on your part will not only put you on a path of self healing, but also contribute to the healing of the earth. This very positive energy planted by each of us on a daily basis will release phenomenal power that will grow exponentially over time and light up the world.

By this point you are probably thinking, “how naive is she”? Or, what is she smoking? But think of it this way, the world is becoming a very dark and foreboding place and most of us feel helpless and powerless to impact change. What can just one person do? We have nothing to lose  by taking this one small step. Even if you begin this exercise on blind faith  I guarantee that the consequence of this action will have an immediate effect on you. So, here and now, start by making it your intention to one time every day to show compassion for another person, especially when you have judged them not worthy, and in turn compassion for yourself. This act of love in your microcosm will not only begin to heal you, but the collective vibrations will generate an energy so bright the earth will begin to heal.

Planting seeds takes time and faith that the seed will take root and grow. Not all seeds will take root, but keep planting seeds even if you have no faith…

Today I leave you with a link to a Loving Kindness Meditation, check it out!

Today’s creative impression is called Abstract Garden, it is made from fabric and acrylic on canvas. Images from Painting the Journey will soon be available for purchase in several forms on my upcoming website called Intuitive Impressions. 






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  1. I have read all of your postings Kathleen, and I am inspired by your inner wisdom and I love the light that you share. Shine on!! Mary Ann


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