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The Awakening…


spiritual awakening


Quoting Laura Marie, the French blogger of “21 Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening”, she speaks to the many things that are changing in the world, saying;”we live a time of awakening and desire to change, never seen before”. People all over the world are feeling the vibration. It begins for most of us with a stirring inside ourselves that something is missing. For myself, it was a recognition, subtle at first, then a major life event that planted the seed of love. As I wrote about in Sharing the Journey, the birth of my granddaughter was the beginning of my awakening. This one event began a change in my perceptions that brought home to me my purpose here on earth. Albeit, it took almost eight years to fully embrace this purpose and move forward with the intention of sharing my message with all who are able to hear.

The Awakening…


The link above was shared with me this morning, it is about the force of love…this cannot be stated enough. I will leave you today with that link. The picture today is not mine, but from another creative whose name I do not have…it seemed appropriate.


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